This is our restored '59 Ford Pickup.

John and Gayle Johnson own this 1929-30 Ford AA truck. This truck was built to resemble the first route truck (the black and white photo with Pop and Muriel) the company used back in the 1930's. They have added several full depth antique wooden cases to the truck.

This is the first new Pepsi truck acquired by our company - 1941.

This is the second building used by our company. The building still stands today and is on East Monroe Street in Memphis. All employees and all of the company vehicles are in this photo.

This is the first bottling plant. It was located a half a block off the square in the alley. The water source at that time was a well on the Hopkins Lumber property.

This is a car that was decorated for a contest in a local parade. They used Pepsi signs and streamers in 1939.

A truck used by the company in the 1940's and in this case they used in a parade. Each of the cases of soft drinks were loaded on the truck one at a time. They would slide the cases through the truck and could remove them from either side of the truck.

1939 Chevrolet Truck used by the company until they could purchase a new truck. The truck is parked on East Monroe Street in front of the "Old Plant".

This is a sample of advertising used by Pepsi-Cola back in the later 30's and early 40's. Very similar to the sign on the side of the car in the pictures above.

This is a photo of one of Harold and Muriel's first delivery trucks. One of their major brands at the time was Nu Icy. Dated early 30's.

This is a copy of an ad the company ran in the local paper - The Memphis Reveille in September of 1941.

Newest Pepsi logo timeline

The NEW 12 oz. 6 Packs of Pepsi and Mt. Dew GLASS Longnecks.

Pepsi Merry Go Round at the Keokuk Home Show. Operated by Mike Evans the late 50's early 60's.